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How to Fill A Prescription - Canada Pharmacy Online

1. Walgreens Walgreens is the NO.1 pharmacy chain in America which has more than 8,000 retail drugstores. On Walgreens.com you can request new prescription, refill or transfer prescriptions online, you can either pick up your medications at the Walgreens store you specified, or let them ship it to your home at no cost. 2. CVS Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy is the NO.2 drug retailing chain in USA that operates over 7,000 drug stores. On CVS.com you can order the prescription refills anywhere, anytime. It allows to use your ExtraCare card online, and it works even if you have lost the paper prescription written by your doctor. 3. Rite Aid Pharmacy Rite Aid is an US-based drugstore chain which has more than 4,000 drug stores, it’s the NO.3 pharmacy chain in America, on its website users could chat to pharmacists and ask them questions, refill prescriptions, or browse drug information. 4. Express Scripts Express Scripts is a Fortune 100 company, on express-scripts.com you can order prescription drugs quickly and easily at home, and let them ship your drugs to your door for free.